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Traveling Bible Exhibit


Yes, the Traveling Bible Exhibit can visit your church!

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Collection A

Collection A Exhibit:

The History of the English Bible

consists of representative examples of all of all major English editions of

God's Word before the 1611 King James Version.

The traveling sample of Collection B

can easily cover 5 eight foot tables.

Collection B

Collection B Exhibit:

Unusual Bibles

Collection B consists of a couple dozen "unusual" Bibles, 

such as the four noted below:

Gutenberg Museum Bible


The Pictorial Family Bible (KJV)


Thomason Gold Plated Medallic Bible


Robert Aitken's KJV Bible


The traveling sample of Collection B

can easily cover 3 eight foot tables.


You can travel to Orlando, Florida and visit the “Holy Land Experience.”

Within the park you can visit the Scriptorium and take an  incredible journey through the history of how we got the Bible. This  museum houses the priceless Van Kampen Collection (formerly housed in  Grand Haven, Michigan), consisting of several thousand manuscripts, scrolls, and other religious artifacts. I recently visited the Scriptorium and I learned that it  deserves nothing but the highest marks, 5 stars out of 4!  If you can at  all get there, do it! It is absolutely worth it!

Other Bible exhibits are housed in: Arizona, Ohio, Texas, New York, and in Washington D.C.


Wouldn’t it be incredible to have one of these collections “visit” your church?

It is probably cost prohibitive to take your entire congregation to visit any one of the museums/exhibits described above.

However, a “visiting” exhibition can be brought to your church for an amazingly reasonable cost.


Quotes from a recent presentation

“I just never thought about it before. Your  exhibit portrayed an impressive understanding of the history of the  Bible. I did not know that so many had died so we can have it in  English. This is something I need to share with my grandchildren.”


“What an amazing collection! Tomorrow I am  going to contact Kuyper College and try to get this collection there for  the students. This is something they must see.”  

-Retired pastor

“Wow! What an incredible collection! Priceless! I’ll bet you pay a fortune just for the insurance!”


“I have two sons who are Ph.D. theology  professors at Calvin Theological Seminary. I am going to call them right  now and try to get them over here to see this. This is marvelous!” 


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While the inventory lasts, all organizations booking a showing of the Traveling Bible Exhibit will receive a limited edition print of the first page of Genesis from a noteworthy Gutenburg Bible! 

Just ask!